Strangers on the tube

Tonight on the tube travelling home from a gig in Camden the woman opposite me tapped me on the leg, then just looked at me. "Yes?" I enquired.

She paused, then said she didn't want me taking photos of her. She could see my camera on the back of my phone and I was sat opposite her ... so obviously I was taking photos.

After a couple of seconds to digest this unexpected accusation I replied, "Oh no! I'm not taking photos! I'm playing a game ... look!"

I showed her my phone - no camera, just strange looking hexagons and some blue sea.

Switching from an iPhone to the Nexus 4

After purchasing my Nexus 4 I had to do something slightly scary ... move my 'life' from an iPhone to the Nexus 4.

Thankfully I'd already made the choice to sell a portion of my soul to Google and have been using Google Apps (Free/Personal) for a substantial amount of time now. Yes, I realise that I may have problems if 'Google become evil' but that's a future I hope I don't need to write about for some time.

This meant I already had a head-start on someone using iCloud as the primary way to manage email, calendaring and other content. If you're this deep in Apple's pocket, this post may not be for you.

So let's move on to the things I was worried about losing ...