Requesting a PAC from O2

This is an old story, originally posted to Facebook on on Sunday, 22 July 2012.

It seems you can't email O2 for a PAC, but you can online-chat and get deal-whored...

You are now chatting with Alice at O2 Shop.

Alice: Hi, I'm Alice. Please give me few minutes to go through your chat.
Chisel: OK
Alice: Can I please know the deal?
Chisel: giffgaff's £10 goodybag (250 mins / unlimited text / unlimited data)
Alice: Let me check.
Alice: I can offer 300 minutes + 500 extra O2 calls + unlimited texts + 100 MB data in £10.50 also as a loyal customer I can also add extra 200 minutes, unlimited O2 calls or weekend calls add in your package.
Chisel: Thanks, but no. I don't use call-quota very much at all.
Alice: Okay
Alice: So you can also go for:
Alice: You can get 12 months simplicity with 600 minutes and unlimited texts along with 500 MB data also get extra 300 minutes to O2 calls in £21.50, you'll get £6 discount every month so need to pay just £15.50 a month. The best part is that on this simplicity you can upgrade anytime after 30 days.
Chisel: I still think the £10 for very generous data allowance from giffgaff is better. Sorry.
Alice: But our data allowance is capped also the speed is very fast as compare to any one.
Chisel: I've had (technical) friends on giffgaff for a few months and they haven't complained about the speed. Also, as giffgaff use your network, why would they be any slower?
Alice: Yes they use our network, if you take a contract with them than your contract will be with them.
Chisel: Yes, I realise that. So for roughly £25 less per month I can use the speedy O2 network, have a decent call allowance, unlimited SMS and have a higher data allowance (never truly unlimited, I know, but more generous than 500MB).
Alice: Also you'll get unlimited Wi-Fi along with 500 MB data.
Alice: You can use data through wi-fi.
Alice: So you data will not be used up.
Alice: Please don't worry about the data bolt on as you'll not be charged for exceeding your data allowance. We'll send you the notification through text once you reach 80% and 100% of your data allowance.
Chisel: Are you saying that if I switch to giffgaff they will disable the wifi on my phone somehow?
Alice: I cannot comment about Giff gaff but with us you'll get unlimited wi-fi.
Alice: You'll be happy to know that O2 gives you unlimited wi fi (nobody else does) and we have the largest number of hotspots in UK (7500 and growing), not only that, but you will also get free usage of hotspots abroad (again no other provider will give this) plus with O2 even if you exceed your mb allowance, we will not charge you a penny extra neither stop your internet, the speed may just vary.
Chisel: Oh, by unlimited wifi what you really mean is access unlimited access to (a large number of) wifi hotspots?
Chisel: I just use wifi on my home network, wifi on my work network and 3G when I'm on the move. I've never really needed to use wifi hotspots.
Alice: Wi-Fi means if you're connected internet through Wi-Fi than your data will not be used up.
Chisel: Yes, I realise that. Having a more generous data allowance and regular access to my own wifi also means I don't have to worry about 'using up my data', and saves me roughly £25/month at the same time.
Chisel: I appreciate that I'm a lovely person and you want to keep me as a customer, but I can't see a price-plan that matches my needs for a competitive price like giffgaff.
Chisel: I've been with O2 for (a long time) and I understand how it all works, and I feel that I will be happier and better off with the giffgaff plan.
Alice: Okay
Alice: I haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you still there?
Chisel: I'm still here. You said 'Okay' and I thought the pause was you getting my PAC.
Alice: Okay give me a minute.
Alice: There is some important info you need to know about your disconnection, please click here to read through it.
Alice: Your PAC code is XXX654321 and it expires on 20/08/2012. You need to give this to your new provider. If you fail to do that, your account with us will remain active.
Alice: Once you use the PAC with the new service provider and when the number gets transferred to them, the very same day your account will get cancelled.
Alice: Your final bill will be made on or around 14 days after your account is disconnected.
Chisel: Thanks. O2 has been pretty good to me, but sometimes I need to make my own mistakes and try something younger and cheaper.
Alice: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Chisel: That's everything - thanks.

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