Precision Targetting Recruitment

This morning I received an email from a recruiter who's emailed me in the past. I tend to ignore these emails because they mostly aren't interesting and I'm still quite happy where I am currently.

The subject line caught my eye for some reason:
Permanent Developer / C# / £43K

The email continued:
My client based in Hampshire (Aldershot or Fareham) is looking for an Analyst Programmer. The role will be to develop and maintain the clients core software products for their customers. The applications are mainly desktop and the candidate will have a range of new and old technologies.
Only a 35 mile drive from home. That's a great start. Ooh, desktop applications .. that's exactly what I don't do.

Let's see, maybe it's because of the amazing skills match between the job and my CV:
Key skills include;

Technical skills in relevant development technologies specifically C# WPF / MVVM, C# WinForms, WF, NET, HTML, XML. Knowledge of the Microsoft Office API, VBA and VB6 is also useful.
Good understanding of Windows .NET development, object oriented programming, COM interoperability and the Microsoft Office API.
OK, I'll admit. I did do some VBA programming with Access. Access '95. in '99.
Ability to investigate and understand emerging technologies and provide critical appraisals of such technologies.
Aha! Critical appraisals! Maybe this is why they want me to apply - they want me to storm in and be critical of their choice of technologies.
Ability to switch between different technologies (new and old) and willingness to learn different in-house applications using these technologies.
I'm sure I can switch them to different technologies. I'm not sure I'd need to learn them if I'm the one driving the switch though.
Salary up to £43K.
So, I'd need to buy a car, fuel, tax, insurance, MOT etc. Drive 70+ miles each day. And for less than I'm earning now?
If interested please send CV ASAP.

Thanks, I think I'll pass.

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