Improving my stamina and distance

After proving that I could cover a longer distance without keeling over in a heap I started cycling to work more regularly to get me used to cycling and start improving my overall fitness.

A little later in the week of my Richmond Ride I went out for a solo ride after work. I wanted to see if I could push myself a little and get some idea of how long the Bikeathon would take me. I managed 26.78km in 1h:23m:47s. Not horrific. Good distance, bearable time.
I guesstimated that without fatigue hitting me, that would scale up to roughly 2h 15m to complete the Bikeathon.

I managed a couple of longer, more relaxed weekend cycles with my better half and her no-so-little one. My next distance boost wasn't to be until the start of June.

Richmond and Beyond

I arranged another Monday where I could joined the work cyclist for another trip to, and around Richmond Park.

This time I really felt a change in my ability: Sawyer's Hill wasn't any trouble at all; Broomfield Hill still felt like hard work, but much less so than my first attempt.

Somehow both hills felt shorter than before.

At the end of the lap we decided that the two road-bikers would head off at their pace and do another lap while I pottered off at my own pace to do a shorter route through the park before heading home.

After leaving the park I felt like I had the energy to go an indirect route home. So I did ... up through Mortlake, along the river, through Brentford, out to Hanwell, back along Uxbridge Road to Ealing Common, where I took the sensible turn and the shortest route home.

Checking Endomondo at home I'd covered a distance just shy of the Bikeathon distance I signed up for. I now knew the ride was achievable.

Clocking in at 2h:10m I decided that my target for the Bikeathon is to complete in under two hours - slow start and crowded routes permitting.

Distances Travelled

The Begging Slot

As you already know, one reason for all of this is working towards the sponsored bike ride I'm participating in in September. It would be wonderful if you could afford to part with £2-£3 and donate online
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