Making it more difficult for myself

Now that I've exceeded the distance I've signed up for the Bikeathon it's time to make things much more difficult for myself.

If it was all too easy it wouldn't be any fun and you wouldn't want to sponsor me.


I'm having my tonsils removed at the start of July. By all accounts I'm going to be a useless lump for two weeks, not allowed (and probably not able) to leave the house for at least ten days after the op.

When I'm eventually allowed outside I anticipate my cycling ability to be severely lowered.

In essence I'm undoing all of the recent training and progress.


As if that weren't enough, I'm going to be out of the country for two weeks in August. I won't have easy access to a bike, and won't have any opportunity to rebuild myself to my late-June stamina and ability levels.

I may also be unable to cycle during the last week of August.

In summary

In July I've severely crippling myself and unable to train for at least two weeks.
In August I'm on vacation and unable to train for two, maybe three weeks.

I've effectively reset my ability and removed 5 weeks of training time.
There is a shade over 10 weeks until the Bikeathon.

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