Tonsillectomy pending

This morning involved a trip to ENT for a delayed follow-up from (I can't even remember what any more). The results of my sleep study showed that I (only) have Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The government have decided that people shouldn't have their tonsils removed (as an adult) unless it's Severe.

The doctors want to remove them because they think it'll benefit me overall taking into account things the government won't officially let them consider.

If they do the op anyway, and I don't meet the criteria set by those controlling the funding, they simply won't get paid. (Maybe I should have waited until after my sleep study to start shedding a few pounds).

On further investigation, the specialist had another look at my notes, and realised he'd forgotten his original notes (I don't blame him - I imagine he sees a lot of people) and remembered that my tonsils are asymmetrical.

I was told not to worry (Really, nothing to worry about! Nobody panic!) but asymmetric tonsils can be an indication of malignancy. (Seriously! Don't worry!). Because they can't be certain, they've decided that they need to assess the risk, and they're going to remove my tonsils for further investigation.

I filled out the 'are you fit for surgery?' form before leaving today and it was suggested that I will probably have my tonsillectomy before the end of July.

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