London Bikeathon 2013

This morning as promised in numerous online posts in the last few weeks I set off to Central London to take part in the London Bikeathon 2013.

After some thought I decided it was silly not to cycle to and from the event, so just after 8:30am I jumped on my bike and cycled over to Chelsea Embankment.

A huge thanks to all my Bikeathon sponsors!

Thank you to all of the people that sponsored me for today's 26 mile Bikeathon.

I completed the ride without incident and in a time that I'm quite happy with.

Bikeathon 2013 - Endomondo Event

I'm not sure if this will work but you might be able to monitor my progress live on the day.
Estimated start time is 10:30am.

My awesome Linked-In profile

This just in from Linked-In:
"Hi Chisel,
Your profile really stood out, especially your experience at Net-A-Porter."
Yes, my amazingly informative Linked-In profile ... ;-)

A few short days until Bikeathon 2013

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

The Bikeathon is looming. When I wrote my previous Bikeathon post I was a few days away from having a tonsillectomy and entering a period where I wasn't going to be able to do any cycling through a combination of recovery and annual leave.

It seemed like such a long time until the Bikeathon. Somehow the time has flown by and it's now less than a week before I participate in my first ever organised cycle ride.