A few short days until Bikeathon 2013

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The Bikeathon is looming. When I wrote my previous Bikeathon post I was a few days away from having a tonsillectomy and entering a period where I wasn't going to be able to do any cycling through a combination of recovery and annual leave.

It seemed like such a long time until the Bikeathon. Somehow the time has flown by and it's now less than a week before I participate in my first ever organised cycle ride.


As you may have guessed by virtue of me writing this entry, I survived the tonsillectomy. The operation and recovery was an experience that I'm glad I went through but also hope I never have to experience again.

I feel a lot better since the operation, but still feel like there's some recovery to complete. Energy levels aren't quite how they used to be and my throat feels weirder than I'd expected it to.

Some food still tastes strange. Or maybe now it tastes normal and it was strange before. Some food tastes different to how I remember it before the operation.

Weekly cycling totals

Annual Leave

Somehow this year arranged itself so that I'd fall straight out of the recovery from my operation straight into almost a whole month off work. Two weeks in Lithuania, one week at work, then a week away in sunny Skegness.

This meant that for July and August the amount of cycling I'd be able to do was "very little". I did go out a few times but I wasn't cycling to work regularly, nor was I cycling at evenings at weekends "for the fun of it".

Monthly cycling totals

Getting back to normal

As anticipated, September is where I'm getting myself closer to the fitness levels from late-June. The rides I've been on this month have given me the confidence that I can complete the Bikeathon. I've also realised that my general levels of everything are lower than I'd like.

I don't have the muscle power to storm up some segments that I'm familiar with. I'm aware that I feel more tired than I should after relatively "short" (20-30km) rides.

I'm confident that I can finish the ride, but I don't think I'll feel as refreshed and relaxed at the end of it as I would like to.

Sponsor me, please!

Hopefully you'll appreciate that I'm not a super-cyclist and that this 26 mile (42 kilometre) ride is within my capability but I won't be 'cruising' on the day and will be working to earn any money that is donated as a result of my blogging, nagging and cycling.

Every little helps, so even if all you can afford is £2 (don't forget Gift Aid) that's still a worthwhile contribution. If you prefer, donate anonymously. Or donate anonymously and send me a private message (email, sms, etc).

It's only a few days before this event and I'm ambitiously hoping to raise at least £400. Every contribution really does help.

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