A huge thanks to all my Bikeathon sponsors!

Thank you to all of the people that sponsored me for today's 26 mile Bikeathon.

I completed the ride without incident and in a time that I'm quite happy with.

In the order I've been able to find them in my inbox, thanks to:

Kristina A.; blonde.and.ginger; Toddy; Wheeler; Rocco; Darius J.; Tony G.; davorg; Iqbal A.; Rich; Lewis B.; Frank W.; Davina; Matt R.; Kristian; James W.; Matt G; Dave C. (aka davorg pre-coffee); Will S.; Olivia Y.; Luis; Stig B.; Santi; Joff and Anna; Colin D; Andy A.; Rocco (more coffee required?); Kevin T.;  Phil C.; Oliver M.; Dominique B.; Steve J.; Forsey; Mark; Dan + Pamela; Loga; Russ and Honey; Fishy; Russ; Matthew G.; Juan B.; Pippa L.; Carl H.

Thanks also to the anonymous donations .. if you'd like to be added to the list please let me know.

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