Great Customer Service from Withings

Last week I had a bit of a mishap with one of my (many) gadgets. I lost it on the way to work. Not one of my smartest moves, but it seems to be a phase I going through - did I mention I nearly left my phone in a restaurant the other day? Or that I left home without my keys last week?

Luckily I found the Pulse on the way home and it was fully functional. Everything working as expected. Until mid-morning the following day...

Get off the road!

Tonight I had my first "you shouldn't be cycling on the road!" from a passing driver. Technically when I first heard them they were just yelling something at me through the passenger window while driving past me on a two lane stretch of road near home.

It wasn't until we both stopped next to each other at the lights 200m forget along the road that they told me I shouldn't be cycling on the road, and there was a cycle path (technically it's just a footpath on the side of the road we were on) that I should be using.