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Last week I had a bit of a mishap with one of my (many) gadgets. I lost it on the way to work. Not one of my smartest moves, but it seems to be a phase I going through - did I mention I nearly left my phone in a restaurant the other day? Or that I left home without my keys last week?

Luckily I found the Pulse on the way home and it was fully functional. Everything working as expected. Until mid-morning the following day...

After a short Twitter conversation with Withings I did as they asked and sent an honest, informative email to their support address.
Yesterday I was an idiot and dropped my Pulse on the way to work.
Yesterday evening I was a lucky idiot and found it near home one the pavement.

The device was in the rubber clip, so partially protected from the elements. The day was damp but without rain I think.

The device was working as expected when I recovered it:
* screen working
* pulse monitor working
* measured activity
* synced with my phone

Overnight I was able to go to sleep mode, and this morning the display was working when I came out of sleep-mode.
At some point between 9am and 12pm the device looked like it had run out of charge (it looked like it had a day or two left yesterday), so I plugged it in to charge this afternoon.
I was starting to think that the device wasn't charging at all because there was nothing showing on the device screen.

I just happened to look at and saw that there has been data synced since noon today.

To confirm my suspicions I opened the Withings app on my phone and held the device button for three seconds .. a few seconds later the progress bar popped up in app for the sync that I'd initiated.

The app reports that the device's battery is at 100%, so it appears I successfully charged the device as well.

So, physically the device appears to be working as normal ... I just can't work out what's going on with the screen.
It was fine yesterday, and this morning. There's no sign that the device got wet, or wet enough to cause problems. It's been in my trouser pocket all morning.

Do you have any suggestions for investigating the screen?
Is it worth trying a hard reset? (I looked online but couldn't find instructions how to do this).

I realise this is likely to be my fault, and somehow related to spending a day lying on the pavement, but if you have any suggestions I'd be really grateful.
Later the same day I noticed that the display wasn't dead, it was extremely dim. I informed Withings.
I've just sat somewhere with different lighting and I've just noticed that
there is some activity on the screen.
It's just that it's extremely dim and can only be seen in very low light ..
even then it's barely visible.
They quickly followed up:
Can I ask for a picture of the dim display on the pulse?
Which I did:
I've attached two images.

Both were taken while the device was syncing (as it's the easiest way to light the display for an extended period)
Both were taken in an almost dark room (as it's the only way to see anything on the display)

1. Taken on my mobile phone; no flash. The final image has had the exposure boosted ever so slightly so that *something* is visible.
2. Taken on a dSLR camera with the exposure set at it's highest. For comparison I've taken the next to a Pebble Watch with the backlight on.

I don't know the exact level of the Pebble's backlight, but it's visible-without-being-bright if that makes any sense.

Hopefully this all makes some sense, and provides some useful information.

This afternoon I received a reply from Withings:
We apologize for the issue you are experiencing with your Withings Pulse. We offer you a coupon code to get a new Withings Pulse for free. Included in this message is the process to exchange your defective product.
The message contained full instructions on how to redeem the code and complete the order, as well as simple instructions to return the defective device.

As an "oh bugger, I think I broke it" experience, this has been unexpected and outstanding customer service.

PS: The device rocks. Go and read some online reviews.

[Image credit: egadenne@Flickr]

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