Using XBMC (Frodo) with MySQL (5.6)

As I mentioned recently I've had some trouble with the SQL that XBMC runs to create the schema for a MySQL store.

I've tried installing the latest (alpha) of 'Gotham', which I thought might have resolved this problem. It hasn't. I'm still seeing issues with the views being created. I tried some statements in I found in a post but they aren't working either - problems with the GROUP BY clause.

Some thinking and internet searches has led me to try fixing the view creation manually. I might as well work through it myself from scratch instead of hacking together a solution from other posts/

Setting up MySQL on a Drobo 5N

Credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
I recently bought a new NAS storage device: the Drobo 5N.

After the basic setup, and file migration I decided to look into enabling the MySQL Server to store the metadata for my XBMC library.

As always, there are unexpected hurdles to leap over and hoops to jump through.

I've already forgotten the process once, so here's how to get MySQL working with remote access.

XBMC (Frodo) and MySQL (5.6) woes

This week I decided it's time to move my XBMC library away from the SD card and into a shareable database. As tends to be the case with most offerings, the options were MySQL or nothing.

I figured I could live with this if it Just Worked. It didn't.

I'm in the process of trying to understand, diagnose and kludge my way round this.