Stabcon Survival Tips

I thought I'd write down a few things that might be useful for new/inexperienced attendees.
It's not comprehensive, but should be enough to make the weekend a little easier and allow people to plan around the availability and access of various things.

None of these tips will help you win the games you play :)


  • There are a few fast-food places on the main road near the station; McD, Subway, chinese buffet,
  • You can walk from the station to the hotel in around 30 minutes
  • Taxi's are pretty cheap from the station; around £5

Near the hotel

  • There's a newsagent/convenience store opposite the hotel
  • There's a mini-market/convenience store 10-15 minutes walk away
  • There are chinese, indian, fish & chip shop, pizza take-aways roughly ten minutes walk away
    • There's also a pub selling meals and Sunday roasts
  • There's a huge Sainsburys down the road; this is at least 20 minutes walk

In the hotel

  • A small bar is connected to the gaming area
    • Crap beer on tap
    • Nicer bottled beer available
    • Usually a selection of sandwiches and snacks
  • A water, tea, coffee table is usually near the bar
  • If you've signed up for breakfast, it's not too bad; the quality of the baconforge varies and should always be commented on
  • The hotel also has a (limited) evening menu


  • You can be really lazy and get food delivered; e.g. Pizza hut
  • You *are* allowed to bring your own food and drink in to the gaming area
  • The bedrooms are an adventure; you never know what you'll get (I had a three bed 'single' last time)
    • Sometimes the heating is stuck on Thermonuclear
    • There's a kettle and instant coffee and teabags
    • The bathroom has the usual 'little bottle of soap-like substance' and towels

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