Currys : Nought For Two

Today I've been at home waiting for a Currys/KnowHow delivery of a fridge-freezer, and delivery-installation of a washing machine.

Yesterday I received a courtesy call message to confirm my driver would call thirty minutes before delivery and that I could check somewhere to confirm the four hour delivery slot that I already knew about.

This morning the driver called as expected. At around the same time I must have missed a call because I received a new voicemail message:

Just regarding your Hoover product that we are, uh, that was damaged, so we tried to create a new order for this but there's insufficient stock for this item so we will need to refer you back to the store. If you pop into the store to let them know what's happened and they'll have to do a refund-resale on this item, and, uhm, they'll be able to book another one out for you.

I met the driver as he was wheeling a fridge-freezer towards the house. I told him I was slightly confused as I'd just heard the message about the damage, and presumably non-delivery of the item.

He told me that there was no washing machine on the van, but he had the Hoover product. Still confused I thought the person leaving the voicemail was just confused, so we talked about where it was going and where to unpack the item.

During this discussion we noticed there was visible damage to the product, even before unpacking.

I rejected the item, even with the 10%-off offer, and now I'm almost where I was at the start of the day: no fridge-freezer, and no washing machine.

I do have something extra out of this though: more days without food storage, and a growing pile of laundry. Oh, and a trip back to the store to try to sort this out; then another day at home at some unknown point in time.

I wonder if anyone will ever tell me what happened to the washing machine....

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