PingIt and the Invalid Package File

This week, like most weeks, there were a few updates waiting for me in the Play Store. One of them was PingIt. I don't use PingIt often, but it's on my phone for the rare occasion that I do.

I thought that the Play Store was being flaky with its downloads; until I realised that everything except PingIt was updating without issue.

I made a few attempts over the last few days, just in case it was my failing. It didn't appear to be.

I checked the reviews for the app and it looked like I wasn't the only one seeing the problem.

I decided to do what any good netizen would ... let them know.

Clicking on the 'Email Developer' link on the app's page let me send a short email to ''; sounds like a good place to start.

I attached a screenshot of the failed update, with error message:

A few hours later I receive a rather unimpressive response:
Thank you for your email dated 3/9/14.
Unfortunately we cannot complete your request via e-mail as we do not have access to customer account information at this department.
Due to the nature of your query please contact our Barclays Pingit Helpdesk on 03332 001012 (please select option 1) where an advisor will be
able to assist you further.

This definitely wasn't satisfactory. It reeked of "we only saw the app name". I offered some more information:
You don't need my customer account information to upload a fixed apk of the app to the Play Store.

Just in case words were too confusing I sent a followup email:

Finally! I think they got the point:
Thank you for your email dated 3/9/14.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused, since the upgrade message was generated in error.
Please ignore this message as this issue is being addressed by our technical team.
I'm uncertain exactly which message I should be ignoring, but at least someone technical might be looking into it now.

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