A Brief History of Amazon Logistics (and their incompetence)

I've been whining a lot about Amazon Logistics recently. It's almost a new hobby. A couple of days ago I thought that it might be interesting, or informative, to look back through my Amazon orders and see how they performed.

I've only looked at deliveries to my work address - where all the trouble seems to occur. There have been deliveries to a couple of other addresses that they do seem able to locate.

Courier Wars : Amazon Logistics Strike Back

Amazon Logistic's Mission Statement?
I shouldn't be surprised but Amazon Logistics have once again failed to locate a large office in a large, visible shopping centre.

I've lost count of the number of times that this supposed delivery company has failed to perform its sole reason for existing.

Instead of a long slow chain of support emails I opted for live-chat this time.

I don't expect that anything will change. Either Amazon implement my tweeted suggestion, or I just have to stop shopping with them.