A Brief History of Amazon Logistics (and their incompetence)

I've been whining a lot about Amazon Logistics recently. It's almost a new hobby. A couple of days ago I thought that it might be interesting, or informative, to look back through my Amazon orders and see how they performed.

I've only looked at deliveries to my work address - where all the trouble seems to occur. There have been deliveries to a couple of other addresses that they do seem able to locate.

The earliest order that still has tracking information available is from October this year. Let's start there.

07 October 2014

This order demonstrates that it is possible for Amazon Logistics to find and deliver to my office without any trouble at all.

17 October 2014

Amazon Logistics are still able to locate the office. Luckily they found someone to accept the delivery outside office hours.

23-29 October 2014

The first big fail. Sadly not the last. I think this is their most troublesome delivery to me.

It didn't arrive until six days after it first went Out For Delivery. Five delivery attempts. There's also one day where I allegedly requested the appointment to be rescheduled; three times. Somehow I doubt that.

I'm also impressed at their name recognition abilities for this order:
Parcel was left in mail room
The parcel was delivered to Roberg

03-07 November 2014

Another struggle to find the office. This time it only took four days.

I'm somewhat curious about the delivery comment:
Parcel was handed to resident
I didn't realise people lived in our office; I thought they just worked late.

11-14 November 2014

Only three days this time. Maybe they're getting better.

More luck with the name of the signee this time too!
Parcel was left in mail room
The parcel was delivered to Robert 

20-24 November 2014

After a couple of days trying to decide which carrier facility to send from they only had one failed delivery attempt before hitting the jackpot (or as I like to call it "fulfilling their sole task as a company).

28 November - 01 December 2014

Another order that took a while to end up at a carrier facility that made them happy. Delivered on the first attempt!

29 November - 01 December 2014

It looks like they've worked out how to find the office and deliver the package(s). Finally!

03 December 2014 - ???

This is one of the orders mentioned in the chat transcript in my previous post. I'm waiting to see if this really will arrive tomorrow.

04 December 2014 - ???

This is the second order mentioned in my recent post. Again, I'm waiting to see how badly Amazon Logistics fail.

A few thoughts

From good to bad

How is it possible for a courier company to go from "pretty good" to "Unable to locate address" is a short space of time.

Unable to attempt more than one delivery

In my chat transcript I was told:
01:09 PM GMT Amazon(Amazon): As for the delivery of your orders, the carrier however is unable to attempt another delivery on the same day.
This clearly isn't the case:

In Conclusion

Overall I'm appalled by the level of service offered by Amazon Logistics. I boggle at their ineptitude and wonder how they find their way home after each shift.

I'm somewhat disappointed with Amazon themselves. I've heard nothing at all from my previous complaint, and now they're claiming:

For account privacy reasons, we are however, unable to disclose the outcome of any investigation. We'll need to deal with this matter internally.

That's just bull. I'm not asking for the name and address of the driver. I want an explanation of the consistent stream of failures and the steps being taken to ensure they aren't a regular occurrence in the future.

That's not "privacy", that's "customer service".

I can smell bullshit a mile away - even if it's swept under a large rug.

Demonstrate that you want my continued business. Don't just say "Allow us to serve you better in the future". I've always allowed Amazon to serve me at a reasonable level. I'm not stopping Amazon from serving me better in the future.

Amazon need to pull their socks up and actually behave like they care.

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