I like juice. I dislike pseudoscience, misleading claims and vanishing tweets

Botanic Labs

  1. A "conversation" takes place

  2. While trying to storify this conversation I discovered that all the replies from @BotanicLabs appear to have deleted their contribution to the discussion. To keep the flow I will copy-type their posts which you can view in the screen-grab included at the end of this post.
  3. We have @BotanicLabJuice coming to the office to dish out #woojuice. "detox and repair cells, tissues and organs"  http://j.mp/1BHZYO4 
  4. BotanicLab: @chizcw I hope you'll find time to come and taste some 'woo' juice and meet our founders tomorrow. Then you can make some informed comments.
  5. @BotanicLabJuice I'm not sure I need to make "informed comments" until there are "informed claims". Why the need for the detox claims?
  6. Dave joined the discussion:
  7. @BotanicLabJuice @chizcw You don't need to taste the stuff in order to know that your entire pitch is based on pseudo-scientific nonsense.
  8. Botanic Juice didn't seem too pleased with the extra attention:

    BotanicJuice: Whatever @davorg You seem to be the expert on what we do and who our customers are. Oh and you weren't invited
  9. I'm not entirely sure they understand how Twitter works.
  10. @BotanicLabJuice Actually, I *do* have an invitation to the tasting. It's right here in my inbox. But thanks for your mature reply :-)
  11. C'mon @BotanicLabJuice@davorg didn't need to be invited ... this is Twitter. You know, where anyone can join in.
  12. I did try to be a little more constructive. I really don't object to healthy-eating and tasty juice. I love tasty juice! I just dislike dubious claims about magical healing powers.
  13. @BotanicLabJuice why can't you sell based on "we make unusual juice combos; you'll get some of your daily recommended vitamins from them"?
  14. This question was never acknowledged.
  15. @chizcw @BotanicLabJuice Perhaps because nice juice is about £2 a litre, but *magic* juice can be sold for £40 a litre!
  16. A Curious Disappearance

  17. Earlier today I decided to start compiling this saga into one place. That's when I noticed that some tweets from yesterday were absent.
  18. Looks like @BotanicLabJuice have deleted the rather immature tweets they sent to @chizcw and me yesterday.
  19. Other comments

  20. Outside the direct interaction with Botanic Lab I also posted some related tweets:
  21. "an ingredient (fake official sounding name) describes as (medical bullshit bingo words)" #woo
  22. where "(fake official sounding name)" is actually "(name of company selling this stuff)" #woo
  23. Very clever wording there: "(someone) describes (something) as (anything at all really)". I could describe myself as a 10-foot tall neon-pink leprechaun. Describing myself in such a way doesn't claim it's true, and avoids being called out for making unsubstatiated claims.
  24. Relevant given the pending visit from @BotanicLabJuice RT@statsguyuk: Thinking of #detox for new year? Think again. http://bit.ly/1B9ktVY 
  25. It's probably a good time to add a reminder about the nature of my Twitter account; I don't want people getting upset thinking I'm speaking for anyone other than myself.
  26. A quick reminder that this is my personal account and (thankfully) doesn't necessarily reflect the opinions and beliefs of my employer.
  27. The Screengrab

  28. Here is the screengrab of the delightful interactions on Twitter.
  29. Jan 8, 2015 1:16 PM GMT: Here's another screengrab of 'Tweets & replies' on the Botanic Lab account. Showing today back to three days ago this ought to show part of yesterday's conversation.
  30. Links

  31. Botanic Lab: websitetwitter
  32. Chisel: twitter
  33. Dave Cross: twitter
  34. TheStatsGuy: "Detox: It's all a con."

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